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Sash management,
made simple

We keep fume hoods closed — helping labs reduce energy waste, save money, and keep people safe.



Flexibility & Scalability

Sash Position


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Current solutions don't cut it.

Sash management

Sash education is staff-time intensive

Sash management education programs work to an extent. But most programs aren't scalable, require constant updating, and often do not leave a lasting impact.  After education campaigns end, average sash height creeps back up towards pre-program levels.


Sash closers are expensive and disruptive

Automatic fume hood sash closers cost $5,500+ over their lifetime.  Requiring involved installation that interrupts research, sash closers are effective yet costly.  And, some closers shut hoods at inconvenient times, including on lab users while they’re still working at hoods. 


Green lab engagement programs aren't enough

Engagement programs, such as Shut the Sash competitons require constant monitoring of cumbersome building management system data. Often, sustainability officers hire dedicated data engineers just to analyze and draw conclusions from these clunky datasets. 


SAMS are here to help

Sash Alarm Monitoring Systems (SAMS) are a behavioral change tool that lead to good sash management habits. 

Alarms beep softly when a hood has been left unattended and open for several minutes, which reminds lab users to shut the sash. SAMS also collect sash position data, which is automatically analyzed to enable real-time monitoring and institution-wide Green Lab efforts. 

A case study of 28 fume hoods from the University of Maryland​​​​


From energy savings alone, Shut the Sash Alarms can pay for themselves in months.

Our customers save an average of $14,000 every year in energy costs.


Sash competition data, all in one place

Our sash management dashboard empowers laboratory sustainability leaders with tools that amplify their impact. Deploy campus-level Shut the Sash competitions through our dashboard and measure your impact accurately.

With the dashboard, you also have a chance to join the International Shut the Sash competition, and compete against other instiutions in reducing fume hood energy use.

In-house analysis tools

Shut the sash competitions

Total design

Trusted Among Sustainability Leaders

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Let’s improve the efficiency of our research labs, together.

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